Acid rain the southern company a

Wet season The wet, or rainy, season is the time of year, covering one or more months, when most of the average annual rainfall in a region falls. Tropical rainforests technically do not have dry or wet seasons, since their rainfall is equally distributed through the year.

Acid rain the southern company a

The BART determination required the installation of selective catalytic reduction systems for the control of nitrogen oxides NOx at Units 4 and 5. These actions will result in SO2 emissions of approximately 4, tpy.

Lastly, the settlement will require defendants to operate each Unit 4 and 5 at FCPP in a manner consistent with good air pollution control practices to maximize particulate matter emission reductions.

Acid rain the southern company a

The defendants will properly operate and maintain its existing baghouses on FCPP Unit 4 and 5 to control emissions of particulate matter. The defendants will also continuously operate the baghouses on Unit 4 and 5 so as to achieve and maintain a filterable particulate matter emission rate no greater than 0.

Defendants will also install and operate continuous particulate matter emissions monitors on FCPP Unit 4 and 5. Top of Page Health Effects and Environmental Benefits The pollutants reduced under this settlement have numerous adverse environmental and health effects.

Sulfur dioxides and nitrogen oxides can be converted to fine particulate matter once in the air. Fine particulates can be breathed in and lodged deep in the lungs, leading to a variety of health problems and even premature death.

Other health and environmental impacts from the pollutants addressed in this settlement include the following: Sulfur dioxide — High concentrations of SO2 affect breathing and may aggravate existing respiratory and cardiovascular disease.

Sensitive populations include asthmatics, individuals with bronchitis or emphysema, children, and the elderly. Sulfur dioxide is also a primary contributor to acid deposition, or acid rain. Particulate matter — Short term exposure to particulate matter can aggravate lung disease, cause asthma attacks and acute bronchitis, may increase susceptibility to respiratory infections and has been linked to heart attacks.

Nitrogen oxides — Nitrogen oxides can cause ground-level ozone, acid rain, particulate matter, global warming, water quality deterioration, and visual impairment. Nitrogen oxides play a major role, with volatile organic chemicals, in the atmospheric reactions that produce ozone.

Acid rain the southern company a

Children, people with lung diseases such as asthma, and people who work or exercise outside are susceptible to adverse effects such as damage to lung tissue and reduction in lung function. This Project will replace or retrofit inefficient, higher-polluting wood-burning or coal-burning appliances with cleaner-burning, more energy-efficient heating appliances.

There is a real public health and air quality need for this project on the Navajo Nation. Many Navajo households use wood or coal as the primary heating fuel.

Many more use wood or coal as a supplemental heating fuel.

acid rain - the southern company final - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Acid Rain: The Southern Company (A) Case Analysis |. Production Processes and Costs|. Executive Summary. In the year , the Southern Company that held the Bowen plant, a coal-fired steam electric plant had to decide on the various options available to comply with . Acid Rain: The Southern Company (A) Case Analysis | Production Processes and Costs| Executive Summary In the year , the Southern Company that held the Bowen plant, a coal-fired steam electric plant had to decide on the various options available to comply with .

Many stoves used on the Navajo Nation are also old. Older stoves are less efficient and lead to increased indoor and outdoor air pollution, including particulate matter 2.

Examples of such improvements include installation of floor, wall, and attic insulation; sealing of windows and doors; duct sealing; passive solar retrofits; and testing and repair of combustion appliances.

Weatherization is particularly important on the Navajo Nation because many homes on the Navajo Nation were built before and are thus likely to lack adequate insulation. Homes lacking insulation, or in need of other weatherization-related repairs, require more heating fuel to maintain a comfortable temperature, leading to additional indoor and outdoor air pollution.

The trust will have a bank trustee to administer the trust locally. The trust shall be for the purpose of providing funds to pay for medical screening for impacted people living on the Navajo Nation Indian Reservation near the FCPP who require respiratory healthcare.

The funds may be used to pay for complete medical examinations, tests, review of current medications, prescriptions, oxygen tanks, and other medical equipment needed for quality of life.Arctic: Arctic, northernmost region of the Earth, centred on the North Pole and characterized by distinctively polar conditions of climate, plant and animal life, and other physical features.

The term is derived from the Greek arktos (“bear”), referring to the northern constellation of the Bear. It has. Acid Rain is any type of precipitation with acidic components that falls to the ground from the atmosphere.

It can be wet or dry. When nitrogen oxides (NOx) and sulfur dioxide (NO2) are released into the atmosphere, they react with water and create sulfuric and nitric acids.

Lauric Acid is a saturated medium-chain fatty acid with a carbon acid is found naturally in various plant and animal fats and oils, and is a . Acid Rain: The Southern Company (A) and (B) TN Reinhardt, Forest L. " Acid Rain: The Southern Company (A) and (B) TN.

" Harvard Business School Teaching Note , September Chanca piedra is a small, erect, annual herb that grows 30–40 cm in height. It is indigenous to the rainforests of the Amazon and other tropical areas throughout the world, including the Bahamas, southern India, and China.

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In Part 1 of this series, I talked about why the basic premise of the acid-alkaline theory is flawed, and I showed that the evidence doesn’t support the idea that a net acid-forming diet is harmful to bone health.

Now I want to look at the effect of dietary acid load on other health conditions. Can the acidity or alkalinity of your diet affect your risk for muscle loss, cancer, and more?

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